Discover the Journey towards the Resilient Enterprise.
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Data Innovation Tour

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18 November 2020 10:00 AM

100% Virtual Environment

Accessible from your laptop or mobile device

Live Workshop Zone

Live Workshop Zone

Topics include "Post COVID" innovation brainstorming with Winnovate team, Data Science, Data Strategy, Analytics, Cloud Quick-start workshops

Live Booths Zone

Live Booths Zone

Have live video chat with our experts and access content on AI, Data Governance, Intelligent Surround for agile adoption of ERP platforms, Analytics, IoT, Cloud and much more

Live Keynote Sessions

Join us for live keynote sessions including Q&A actively monitored by our experts across a range of topics

Adopt innovative technologies for the new normal

Learn how to establish a technology platform to quickly adapt and respond. Let data give you insights where to invest to reduce business impact and achieve the seemingly impossible - find new business opportunities.




10:00 AM Welcome to the Virtual Data Innovation Tour!
Keynote from our regional Vice President for Platform & Technology (EMEA South)
Carlos Lacerda
SAP Vice President - EMEA South Platform & Technology
10:05 AM Realise the Promise of Modern Business Platforms
Join SAP & Intel Executives to explore how we are turbo-charging the next wave of innovation enabling a holistic, resilient in-memory platform that spans across business processes, data and analytics
Irfan Khan - SAP President Platform & Technologies

Jeremy Rader - INTEL GM Digital and Data Platforms
10:20 AM IDC Journey to Recovery
Accelerate your journey towards recovery by adapting to the changing market conditions and leveraging platform capabilities for resilience
Philip Carter - IDC Chief Analyst
Marc Nolla - SAP Director Digital
Michael Glueck - SAP VP - Industries

Live Workshops

10:50 AM Αξιοποίηση Δεδομένων για την Αύξηση της Επιχειρηματικής Αξίας: Παραδείγματα Εφαρμογής σε Στρατηγικούς Κλάδους 11:50 AM Αλλάζοντας επιχειρησιακό μοντέλο με το SAP Business Technology Platform 12:50 PM Διασφαλίζοντας μια ομαλή μετάβαση στο SAP S/4ΗΑΝΑ μέσω λύσεων SAP συνεργατών

Break-out sessions

  • Innovation


  • Data & Analytics

    Data & Analytics

  • Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

    Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

  • Office of the CFO

    Office of the CFO

  • 10:50 AM Artificial Intelligence for Industries
    Discover how Industries can benefit from Artificial Intelligence to reduce cost, optimise workforce and build new business models
    11:10 AM SAP & INTEL Innovation from Edge to Cloud
    See how INTEL & SAP customers are innovating at the edge to help customers realise cost efficiencies and business advantages
    11:30 AM Innovation on Cloud
    See how SAP customers are leveraging Innovation and business operational efficiency through the world class SAP Cloud Platform.
  • 10:50 AM SAP Multi faceted Analytics Platform
    Benefit from the full spectrum of analytics capabilities from business intelligence, planning and predictive on a single holistic Cloud Platform
    11:10 AM Give Data Impact: The Data Strategy for Intelligent Enterprise
    Explore how to implement a holistic Data Strategy in your organisation augmented by a world leading data governance platform
    11:30 AM Data Warehouse Cloud
    Data warehousing is now moving to the Cloud! Discover how customers are benefiting from agility, accessibility and quick time to value with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.
    11:50 AM BTP X + O - Extending Qualtrics with SAP Analytics
    Explore how connecting X-Data with O-Data and processes in all business segments, SAP provides a unified foundation harmonizing both operational and experience data and providing intelligent insights.
  • 10:50 AM Re-imagine the promise of in-memory computing with INTEL & SAP
    Dramatically improve business agility and flexibility with HANA-based technologies such as SAP S/4HANA, Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Optane™ Persistent Memory
    11:10 AM Digital Content Management Platform (with OpenText)
    Learn how world class organisations are leveraging Extended Content Management to accelerate productivity and reduce cost
    11:30 AM Accelerating SAP S/4HANA with Solution Extensions
    Understand how SAP Solution Extensions can radically reduce the time to realising the Intelligent Enterprise (SAP S/4HANA)
  • 10:50 AM Profitability & Performance Management
    Learn how to run and automate complex profitability simulations without re-structuring your IT landscape
    11:10 AM Enterprise Planning
    Connect plans from all departments and business units across your organization, while breaking down silos and bringing your teams together


Carlos Lacerda
SAP Vice President - EMEA South Platform & Technology
Irfan Khan
SAP President - Platform & Technologies
Philip Carter
IDC Chief Analyst - Europe
Jeremy Rader
INTEL GM Digital and Data Platforms
Marc Nolla
SAP Director - Digital Transformation
Michael Glueck
SAP Vice President - Industries & Value Advisory





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